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The Legal Aid Commission (the “Commission”) is an independent Statutory Body formed under the Legal Aid Act 1996 (the “Act”) and the Legal Aid Amendment Act 2009. The Commission began operations in July 1998 to provide legal services to those who could not afford the services of a private legal practitioner.

The Commission has been given constitutional recognition under the 2013 Constitution which further guarantees its operational, administrative, and financial independence. It is a State-funded organization and the only legal aid service provider in the country providing a range of legal services for free.  

The Commission provides free legal aid services to members of the public by giving advice, providing legal representation in court and other related services. Currently, the Commission provides service in all areas of Family, Criminal, and Civil law. Assistance is provided in civil law matters but these are limited to certain areas of practice only. Assistance through the Legal Aid scheme is given to an individual upon the fulfilment of the eligibility criteria.


To provide free legal aid services to those members of the public who cannot afford the services of a legal practitioner. 


To provide access to justice through professional, efficient and quality legal aid services.


To provide greater access to justice through quality legal aid services:

  1. To those who are unable to afford such assistance, including women, children and those with special needs;
  2. By raising awareness on legal rights and the Constitutional right of access to legal aid services;
  3. By creating a work environment whereby the Legal Aid Commission becomes an employer of choice and provides professional, efficient and quality services;
  4. By making representations to Government on legal aid matters; and
  5. By ensuring that the Legal Aid Commission operates in accordance with best international practices.


The Legal Aid Commission is committed to:

  1. Client focus and quality service delivery;
  2. Good governance and professionalism;
  3. Staff development; and
  4. Effective finance and resources management




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